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Researching rapmusic


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Hi everybody,


I'm doing research on the Chinese rap scene (strictly artists from mainland China) for an upcoming project of mine. I'm hoping some people here are experts on this topic because I have some questions. I wrote my master thesis on American rap music and really interested in the Chinese scene. My focus is on representation and identity.


- How popular is the genre and why does it appeal to young people? How does the music represent the younger generation? breaking free from traditions?

- What are the topics they rap about? Do they have social commentary (if so, which groups can you recommend?)

- I'm also looking for artists who rap about their neighborhood or city

- Looking for still struggling but upcoming artists.

- whats the perception of the general public? What do older people think about it? the government?

- Other thoughts or interesting aspects of the music are also more then welcome


Everybody that can help me of course gets their name mentioned on the project.


If anybody really knows the scene in Beijing, artists, radio hosts etcetera. Please contact me  and we can see if we can collaborate.


Have a good day!


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Rap music is not that popular in China. Breakdancing is popular, rapping not so much. Hope you can find out more! 

(I had some friends back in Beijing, let me check just in case.) 

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Here is the video we made


There is social commentary on a silly Chinese dating show《非诚勿扰》, dating, materialism and stereotypes.

He was talking to a girl through a dating app, his friends told him he looks like a loser, like those street performers playing 二胡. Then he is replying.

小老虎 on Weibo http://weibo.com/u/1647683910

and Douban http://site.douban.com/jfever/

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