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The National Chinese Flagship Program at the Ohio State University


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The National Chinese Flagship Program (NCFP) is a newly-inaugurated program for the advanced study of Chinese. It is designed for upper-intermediate and advanced speakers of Mandarin Chinese who seek to achieve a superior level of proficiency (Defined as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) FSI/ILR level 3 "professional entry level" and level 4 “professional working proficiency”).

Part of the National Foreign Language Initiative (NFLI) at the National Security Education Program (NSEP), the NCFP's major focus is to establish the field-wide and institutional infrastructure that will support the production of advanced language-proficiency students in Mandarin Chinese. Through an innovative and intensive two-year campus and overseas curriculum, Chinese Flagship moves intermediate to advanced students' language proficiency to a professional superior level.

The National Chinese Flagship Program (NCFP) requires established general language proficiency and domain proficiency (i.e., the ability to use Mandarin in an academic discipline or career area). This program not only addresses general issues of advanced Chinese, but also makes an effort to insure that students will function well in professional domains in the target culture environment.

Following a year of classroom-based training at the Columbus campus of the Ohio State University, students proceed to the program's training center in Qingdao, China. During this intensive six-month of immersion in Chinese Language and Culture, the participants will undergo specialized training and complete an internship or equvalant assignment in a Chinese organization (See US/CHINA Links). Following the internships in China, students return to Columbus for proficiency assessment and completion of a thesis project. Those who meet the program's criteria will receive a master's degree in Advanced Chinese Language & Culture.

For more information, please check



Thanks all。

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I am an undergraduate college student from Boston, but I go to school down in Athens at OU. I will be in China for a year, at CET's program in Harbin and middleburys in the spring. Does this program require you to attend the OSU study center in Columbus, or is that optional.. it seems as if this is a program designed for post graduates, it seems like an almost 2 year program, is this correct?

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Yes, it is two years Chinese master degree program. You will attend both Columbus Cente,USAr and Qingdao Center, China.

We also accept Special Status Students

"The Chinese Flagship Program at OSU will also take applications for a limited number of non degree-seeking, special status students whose goals are compatible with the Flagship Program and who hold a BA degree or at least approaching a BA degree. Students admitted with special status may take advantage of various on campus components of the program, including classroom work and tutoring as well as study/internship abroad opportunities.

Special status students must meet OSU admission standards and meet the same requirements as noted above. The statement of purpose should include a proposed time frame and specific reference to the features of the program in which the candidate would like to participate.

Special status applicants use the normal OSU application materials but submit only sections 1-2 to the graduate/undergraduate admission office and 2-6 to the department as well as pay a one-time $25.00 registration fee. Normally, the limit for non-degree students is one year, where upon the participant may apply for renewal if justified. "

For more information, please check our website and Forum.

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Sorry for this question but what kind of China Related Careers will this program prepare Americans for?


Woliveri, that is a good question. Please also post your question in our Forum. Our program director, Dr. Walker, will provide you a good explaination. Dr. Walker is in Qingdao, China now for our Summer Pre-flagship program.

Have a great weekend!

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