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News Shows with Transcripts


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Hey, so I'm that weird guy that actually likes to watch the news. I was wondering if anyone knew of websites that have Chinese language news broadcast (preferably 4/5 times a week, 15-30min broadcast) with full transcripts. In the best case they would also have the video as a conveniently downloadable file which I could rip audio from using handbrake so I could keeping listening to the broadcast for a few days after in order to drill in the vocab and grammar structures that pop up when analysing the transcript. And of course in a truely ideal case they would pay me to listen and watch to this show. 


*removes tongue from cheek* 


but seriously any tips much appreciated. 

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I'm just curious, has any else used the 原声汉语 series to work on listening comprehension? I used it for a while when I was studying Beijing, but I'm going back through it now to finish because it is serving as a really convenient and easy way to improve my listening comprehension. All the dialogues are natural spoken language from a wide variety of speakers (young, old, male, female, formal, informal, all kinds of accents). The quality of the recordings do not have very high quality, but I've found that a lot of content online or in the news doesn't either so it is difficult to understand. It comes with vocab with each dialogue and full transcripts of everything in the back of the book. I haven't come across another resource like it, so I was wondering if anyone else has used it before or is interested in trying?

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