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Question about Hotmail ban


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hi all i recently found out bout hotmail being banned in china ( i know its been banned for a good while) what im asking is i have a friend in chengdu who i contact frequently time to time but since last july its gone quiet althought maybe shes still not feeling well since she said she was feeling depressed but getting better i was just curious would it be queit because if the ban making it harder to get in contact with each other.

any help would be apreciated

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I didn't think Hotmail was currently banned. Are you sure? It has been renamed, however, and requires a Microsoft account for log-in.

(I'm not a user and could be wrong.)

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A lot of this is hearsay, but... I did hear that Hotmail was banned at least for some period of time - the ban including both a ban on accessing the website to login as well as receiving emails from hotmail.com users.


But this ban does not seem to be in force right now. As I write this, I can access hotmail.com, though whether I can receive emails from Hotmail I can't confirm.


Also keep in mind that when you are in mainland China Hotmail, like most of the major western websites, will either be inaccessible or extremely slow from time to time.

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Hotmail is widely used by Chinese government officials, it would be very inconvenient if it were blocked. Gmail is blocked, but not hotmail, to my knowledge. So your friend's silence is probably not caused by internet troubles. Do you have any other way of contacting her?

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I was gonna rage if hotmail was blocked, even though I don't use it.


I hope everything's alright with your friend. Agree that it might be a good idea to try another method of contact if you have any (or if not, try searching her name on Wechat etc.) It's possible that she's "fine" in the conventional sense, but not feeling like contacting/talking to friends at the moment, so it also might help if you make it explicit you want to hear back from her ("please reply as soon as you get this, hope everything's OK!" or some similar message), if you haven't done that already.

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Yeah it's not blocked but it doesn't work that smoothly sometimes. Attachments often take an age to ask you to save/open and sometimes never do. Many of us have switched to QQ mail at work just to save the hassle.

This is kind of off topic... But would appreciate it if OP could write write with punctuation.

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what you talking about all us english teachers are well good at talking english how dare you insult me consider our online forum based relationship over i hope you enjoy it in fact forget chinese-forums im moving to thebeijinger where everyone is real respectful and where grammar and punctuation are completely free to use how i like

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  • 4 months later...

I completely forgot bout this site. maybe i should wait awhile and reply after a month or so and see what happens.

whoever said that i might be an English teacher that's kinda funny because i'm going to do a TEFL course near end of year anyway haha.

i just wish i had her full address so i could go see her in China but all i know is she lives in Chengdu 

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