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HSK6 questions: input method, skipping questions, etc.


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After searching and having read tens of pages on the forums about the HSK, I still have a few practical questions about the HSK6 (computer test).


  1. I've read that the pinyin input method on the writing section only allows you to type one character at a time. 义和团 would have to be typed yi (chose chacater, enter) he (chose chacater, enter) tuan (chose chacater, enter). Is this true?
  2. Is it possible to jump between sections of the reading section? Can I choose to first skip the first 10 questions, and go back to do them later if I have time left?
  3. Is it possible to browse through the questions of the listening section (to read the next few questions when finished the current ones)?
  4. It's not possible to jump between the listening, reading and writing section, right?


I'm taking the test in Beijing, if that matters. Sorry if (some of) these have been answered before, there's simply too much information on these forums to read everything. Thanks!

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Great question - I'm doing HSK6 in May - and was wondering the same thing about the writing bit in terms of inputting and skipping between questions.   I also fully intend to skip the satanic 语病  section and do all the other bits first.    I'm sure that for the last point tho' - no you can't jump between sections. 

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Hi Ludens,


1. This is sort of correct, the input method has a horrible prediction dictionary behind it. I remember it worked for some words, didn't for others, entering a short sentence also worked a few times but other times it didn't. So I advise you to enter the whole word, see if it finds it as an option, if not enter it character by character.


2. If I remember correctly it is possible to go back to different sections of the reading part. You can skip questions and do them later.


3. No, each question is timed, and the audio starts immediately, so you'll have to read the question as fast as possible. After all the questions you are allowed to review, but cannot listen to the audio again.


4. That's right, you cannot.

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Thats great info Nimrev, thanks a lot! Of course, if others have anything else to add, please do!


One more question about the listening part, how much time do you get for answering a question? Is it enough to read the 4 answers if you haven't yet during the audio?

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When the audio starts there's an introduction lasting a few seconds, that should be enough the read the question and the answers. After the audio you have some time to answer the question, 10-20 seconds I guess. This should be enough for the questions that you immediately know the answer of, when in doubt you might have to guess or you'll run out of time.

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