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Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou


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Hi to everyone! :)

In fall I am going to study at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou for one semester
I am the first one of my home university to be send there, that's why I'm really excited!
I'll be on  Xiasha campus
It would be great if someone could help me get an impression of the campus life!
what is the on campus accommodation like ( do they really lock the dorms at night)
or is it better to rent an apartment off campus
and how is campus-life general? Partys, activities... :)

I'm happy about any of your responses  :D
So thanks in advance!

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I dated a girl attending there and haven't been a student myself, so my experience is limited.


1) Lots of African students (where ya from?)

2) I recall dorms get locked (most Chinese unis do this)

3) Campus seems pretty lively, there was always some booths set up or music event or something going on whenever I visited

4) There's a row of permanent food vendors near/in (can't remember) the campus, and I believe near to the south gate (10-15 minute walk)  is at least one fancy Korean restaurant.

5) One day a bunch of freshman girls pitter-patter-pitter-patter ran up behind me to eavesdrop my conversation. I'm pretty attractive, but you can probably live a rock star life too :P

6) Campus is huge and not bad looking

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Hey i'm sorry for not answering for such a long time!
Thank you so much for sharing your impression :) Haha I've been to Bejing last summer so i'v already an impression of the effect blond hair and blue eyes can have on them^^.... already looking forward to go clubbing!
One last question did the girl live on the campus or off the campus? Because I really don't know whether living on or off campus is better:/

hey Andrea, 
is one of the partner universities of my university in Germany, i'm German by the way, therefore, it has been quite save, that they choose me.
I did not hear anything of them until this week, since today my university received the official confirmation documents.

How about you? Did you get any further information untin now?

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@edwinpv14 Hii, I did my Master degree in ZJGSU from 2014 to 2016. My master was not in Chinese so I didn't need to study Chinese before hand but we had one orntwo Chinese classes every week for the first year of my master degree. The university is beautiful, plenty of international students so u wont feel alone by any chance, the international hostels are quite ok, mostly they offer double room, with very few singles but you might be able to snatch a single if you are early or you are lucky to find an available single room at the time of arrival. The rooms are equipped with a bathroom with modern toilets, and a shower (where you can access hot water by using a card that you put money in and you plug it when you need to use hot water), A small kitchen space with cupboards to store you kitchen stuffs, a bed or double beds, and a balcony. Also there are closet thingies with a desk and a chair(double the amount for double rooms).

The teaching quality differs from teacher to teacher but the most important thing is every teacher at least in my opinion can teach English taught subjects with close to no problem speaking English. 

The new campus which most students are especially international student is a bit far from downtown Hangzhou but it is still surrounded with everything you need to survive life in a different country. There is a mall near the school, on the way from the Jing sha gang hostel to the university.

Most international student prefer scooters or bicycles for transportation but you can also use buses, subway  or taxis with no problem. There is more than one bus stop outside the hostel gates and a subway stop near the hostel. 

There is a canteen inside the hostel gates but if you don't like food there you can go outside the gates and there are small shops where you can buy food and fruits. There is also a small supermarket inside the hostel where you can get almost any necessity. Most of the products are Chinese products but if you want foreign food you can go to Metro supermarket or any other big supermarkets.

I tried to write as much as I can remember and give you a very detailed Idea of the school, I hope I have don that.


P.S: You will be in Hangzhou which is a beautiful place to visit/ live in. Make sure you give yourself time to see as much of Hangzhou as possible, it will be so worth it.

ALSO: It is always good to have a little bit of the country's currency when going.

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Hii @edwinpv14 Yes, WIFI is available and the speed is quite good in my opinion, I never had a people using it and I could download stuffs pretty fast. At that time we used to buy our own wifi router and then the guys at the internet office can do the installation for you or you can do it on your own if you are Chinese is good and after that every month you buy a 47rmb internet recharge card that gives you unlimited internet for that month.

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Hi all ! 

I'm interested in going to ZJGSU next year to take the intensive program (28 hours/week, including 4 hours of tutoring).
I was wondering if anyone had done this program before : is it good? (I'm worried it's a bit too intense...)
And what about the teaching quality in other chinese language programs ?


Also, is there any student clubs or associations that foreign students could join to meet local students? (photography, danse, anything)



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