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Korean Kings


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I know one or two regulars here like Bhchao and I.Lee have a penchant for Korean history, so I wondered if you know very much about the Kings of the Yi dynasty, which is the most recent and therefore most important dynasty. I like to know a bit of royal family history as a way to put a human face on my study, but it is very hard to get much information about some of these monarchs.

Wikipedia only has an article for about 10% of them - I find this amazing! Is Korean history such a minority sport? I have put in a short and rather substandard entry for Taejong, but I cannot even find much good stuff about some other rulers with general google searches. Maybe we could sort it out?

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Here is a very good resource: http://www.san.beck.org/3-10-Koreato1875.html

Korean history is less known than Chinese or Japanese history, sandwiched between two giants. My knowledge of Yi dynasty Korean kings is not as strong as it should be. Sejong is widely recognized by Koreans as the greatest Korean king.

There were three major Korean queens during Korea's Three Kingdoms period; Sondok, Chindok, and Chinsong; Sondok being the outstanding one. Sondok was the one who developed the Hwarangdo into a formidable fighting force; Korean warriors trained in religious and military conduct, and ethics. The Hwarangdo code was instrumental in Silla defeating Tang Chinese forces in 676.

List of Yi Dynasty kings:

1. T'aejo, 1392-1398

2. Chongjong, 1398-1400

3. T'aejong, 1400-1418 - the first Confucian-educated monarch. Began to limit the

political, economic, and social influence of Buddhism. Promoted Neo-Confucianism.

4. Sejong, 1418-1450 - father of Hangul

5. Munjong, 1450-1452

6. Tanjong, 1452-1455

7. Sejo, 1455-1468

8. Yejong, 1468-1469

9. Songjong ,1469-1494

10. Yonsan'gun, 1494-1506

11. Chungjong, 1506-1544

12. Injong, 1544-1545

13. Myongjong, 1545-1567

14. Sonjo, 1567-1608

15. Kwanghaegun, 1608-1623

16. Injo, 1623-1649

17. Hyojong, 1649-1659

18. Hyonjong, 1659-1674

19. Sukchong, 1674-1720

20. Kyongjong, 1720-1724

21. Yongjo, 1724-1776

22. Chongjo, 1776-1800

23. Sunjo, 1800-1834

24. Honjong, 1834-1849

25. Ch'olchong, 1849-1863

26. Kojong, 1864-1907

27. Sunjong, 1907-1910

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there were two "gun" (君) - 10. 燕山君 (?) and 15. 光海君 (?). is it the title for kings who were overthrown, or for those who were not endorsed by China? (sorry all I know about korean history is from korean tv dramas so ... :oops: )

btw, I find the history of the short-lived 大韓帝國 quite interesting.

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That's the thing though. There are a number of lists on the web, (wikipedia has one) but I can't find any site which has detailed information for more than a handful of monarchs.

There is more information in wikipedia on the monarchs of Baekche, which is odd.

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