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Chinese Swords, Dagger


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Hey guys! I'm new in this forum and I also need urgent help. I'm travelling to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzu and I'm looking forward to buy Swords in small-medium length(23Inches) or other daggers or knoves etc. Where can I buy these here in Shanghai,Hangzhou and Suzu? Thank You :)

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Longquan has many shops. They make all kinds of Chinese, Japanese, European,... swords of different qualities. You can buy a very cheap one for decoration but proper swords with proper steel are usually a few thousand RMB or even more. Most of the shops can be found on taobao.com but some have their own websites as well. A Chinese speaker can easily find them online and contact them for you. Of course you can go to Longquan yourself but most people order their swords online. It's easier this way if you know exactly what you are looking for. Also legally they can only sell blunt swords but you may contact them and see if they can sharpen it for you.

Edit: If you want small or medium size Chinese swords look for Han dynasty jian (汉剑)

Edit:I don't know about Hangzhou and Suzhou but I believe there are some shops close to 城隍庙 that sell cheap swords(at least there were some a few years ago). I don't recommend buying the sword in Shanghai but if you have no other choice you can go there and have a look.

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