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Need help figuring out phonetic Cantonese!


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Hi, I'm translating an English novel into Dutch and one of the characters comes from Kanton. His sentences are written down in phonetic English, but I don't think the author uses the official transcription for the words. 


Can you help me figure out the meaning of this sentence? I think it's pretty offensive.


"Dew lay low mow chow hai siu fun hum ka chaan".


Also, if this is not the 'official' transcription in English, what is? 


Thank you so much. 


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Those are swear words. (At least the first six syllables and the last three are. They are common. I don't know what the two syllables in between doing there.)

The first six mean fxxx your mother. The last three mean "whole family die". They are quite bad.

The first 4 syllables - http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/words/34119/

The last 3 syllables - http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/phorum/read.php?7,56157 (the 10th on the list)

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In Jyutping it would be:

Diu nei lou mou cau sai siu? fun? gam gaa caan

(Not sure of the two middle ones.) So the book version is not the official transcription.

In characters, as far as I could find: 屌你老母臭西?? ?? 冚家铲, I don't know the two middle characters.


Skylee, if you have time and are willing, perhaps you could post a recording of this sentence? I can try and make a phonetic Dutch version.

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I don't say such things (because they are very offensive).

The sixth and third last syllables of the jyutping at #5 should be "hai" and "ham" instead.

PS - and the first and sixth characters are supposed to be a 小 within a 門, and 閪.

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