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90-day Duration Tourist Visa = "Quite Easy"?


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I sent an email to www.mychinavisa.com to inquire about the 90-day duration tourist visa.

My email: "I'm an United States citizen who will soon travel to China using a tourist visa and will engage in roughly 60 to 75 days of activities there before obtaining an F visa that will allow me to prolong my stay. Under what conditions can I obtain a 90-day tourist visa (or at least a 60-day one) while still in the US (rather than struggle to get a 30-day tourist visa extended once or twice while in China)?"

Here's the answer I received: "Thanks for the inquiry. It is quite easy to get a 90-day duration visa. All you need to do is to put down '90 day' on the Visa Application Form where it asks for 'duration of stay after entry.'"

My sense was that getting a 90-day tourist visa is sometimes possible but not quite so simple. So, before I fork over my money and passport, I just wanted to show this to the crowd to see if anyone has conflicting information or has had negative experiences with www.mychinavisa.com.

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I used this company. They were reliable and fast, I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. What they said is true... just put 90 days and you get 90 days. I think it must have been harder in the past to get a 90 day visa, but not anymore.

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Just in case anyone is interested, I went ahead and ordered the 90-day duration tourist visa through www.mychinavisa.com, and it arrived with no problems. I didn't have to provide any special information regarding my itinerary to get it; I just had to specify that I wanted a 90-day duration tourist visa.

Also, before I purchased this visa, I emailed other businesses to see if they could get 90-day duration tourist visas. Here are the responses (cut and pasted) I received:

From www.chinavisatogo.com: "It is possible to get a longer stay visa ONLY if your spouse works in China. Otherwise it is not possible."

From www.visa4you.net: "Yes, we can obtain the 90 days for you. When you complete the visa application form, please make sure put 90 days in item 16."

From www.travisa.com: "Unfortunatly the embassy only issue 30 days stay visa to tourist applicants and business applicants. So, you will need to extend your stay while you are there in China."

From www.americanpassport.com: "Our company is only able to obtain China visas valid for 30 days per entry. You may want to contact the Embassy of China nearest you to see if they'll issue a longer term visa if you apply there in person."

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