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Can anyone help translate this, please?

Will G.

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Thank you...I don't think it is "gibberish" as the trunk is well over 150+ years old and the marking is under many layers of old paint--I think it may be part of a packing crate or other scrap wood found and used to build the trunk, which could date to the early 1800s or perhaps before, based on rose head nails and the type of hinges present.  I tried taking a picture but it just didn't work; will try again maybe putting in powder in the carvings, but the general form is as shown...thank you again for trying to help; just trying to help an elderly Aunt who did not even see the markings on it, and she has owned it for over 80 years....again, many thanks.

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Well, the Atlantic ocean lies between Europe/Africa and the Americas. Could be any of hundreds of alphabets. No reason to think it's Chinese...

It looked vaguely runic to me (not that I know anything about runes) but I couldn't find exact matches on Wikipedia.

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Sorry to trouble you, but I was hoping somebody could translate this for me. I purchased this piece in China about 2003 and was told this is a poem or saying.

It may be the artist's name. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.



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right: 青田石雕 "Qingtian stone carving"

the middle one might be a saying: 吉星高照 (something like "the stars are aligned for optimal luck")

left: 壬午年春 maybe "Spring 2002"

Could you please post a picture of the whole thing? I'm quite curious to know what shape optimal luck takes.

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