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tattoo Lord

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力 - strength, power,

量 - capacity for taking in food or drink


Power drinker?


Someone who can drink a lot and not fall over?


If it is the other way round 量力 it is estimate, measure one's strength.

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Ok, since you posted multiple times about this, I'll assume you really really want Chinese characters.

Then I would advise getting a simple 力.

Easier for the tattoo artist to get it right, and it basically means what you want (power/strength).

If this doesn't suit you, you can have a look at the MDBG dictionary to see all the various possibilities.

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@edelweis well I want gonna get a ribbon then have 力 on one side and 量 on the other side, but many people said "力量" would look stupid as a tattoo.

It would look like this tattoo but instead of those two Chinese symbols I would have "力量" in the exact same place as shown in the picture...like it or no?post-61914-0-84056200-1437334684_thumb.jpg

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@tattoo Lord:


If it was for myself, I would have just a big 力 on top of the background image.

It's basic meaning is strength in all its forms. It's so simple and elegant. There's no need for anything more really :)


To someone who can read Chinese, 力量 may look odd, because it can be used for physical strength (like strength training / body building etc) or political power etc.

If you like it, why not. Most Western people can't read Chinese so they will be impressed anyway.

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