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HSK Study Apps


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I am preparing for the HSK.  I have bought several books to help me with the tests, but what about apps?  What are some apps that are worth buying for?  I personally like Anki Deck, but any others people would recommend for me to try out?



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hi Coys, 

I use one called Hello HSK, They have Hello HSK1 ... 2 ...3 4,  You can download a trial version and see what you think. $10 a month of $26 for 3 months. Its limited but kindof useful. 
Also the Grammar wiki is useful as it covers a lot of things like sentence patterns, adverb comparisons e.g. 本来 vs 原来
I put a lot of this into ANKI, not for SRS purposes, but more for an easier way of high level testing.


If I find any others , I'll let you know as I will be preparing for HSK4 soon

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i didnt like anki or hello hsk, i just downloaded, bing-ed, pdf files of all hsk hanzi. tried memorizing them like that... ugh.... why are all hsk apps so wacky? I tried 2 diferent flashcard apps that just repeated the same sh 7 times, even after i correctly chose the right answers. I swiped 10 000 times for hanzi i knew!!!

anyway other apps to use?

chinese skill for basics
debo chinese blew my mind with fundamentals
hanping is super for checking hanzi
hsk magic for coversation and pronounciation
and pin1yin1-website is the best for translating new text, better than google-

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If you don't already have the Pleco app on your phone then stop what you're doing right now and go and get it.


tofulearn is good (and free)


StickyStudy (iOS only) I like for its design. 


There are probably much more up-to-date threads here than this one (6 years old) for answering your question.




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