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I don't undestand this 一项


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I'm having to translate this article and I found this phrase "并发展成为一项以强身健体" but I just don't understand it! Is 项 a classifier? If it is why is it followed by verbs? It's probably something I should know but my chinese gets rusty in the summer :(

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Most probably you haven't parsed the sentence correctly. Google says:


All the things enumerated in the middle are merely qualifiers of 体育运动项目.

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my 2 (euro)cents: when there's a lot of stuff separating the classifier from the noun, a less generic classifier helps the reader or listener anticipate the type of noun, it makes the sentence much easier to understand. And most probably it sounds more educated too. No?

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I actually find it sounds less educated by way of failed attempt at being more fancy, but maybe that's just me. It feels redundant when I get to the end of the sentence already knowing that it is some kind of 项目-esque thing (expecting that it will not just be 项目) and it is just 项目...


I don't find that it is any easier to understand either... It seems like a poor writing choice.

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