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世界青年说: How do you rate the foreign speakers in this show?


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Stumbled across this show a while ago. I'm about an upper immediate level and I've spent most of my study time listening and building my comprehension. Although I still can't follow the conversations without peeking at the subs, I feel like my ears are now trained to know then someone is speaking the language well. These foreigners to me sound terrific. Anyway I just find this show fun and heart warming for some reason. What do you all think about all these foreigners and their Chinese level? Definitely is an encouragement and motivation for me.

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I only had time to watch the first two guys come out and they seemed fine, but I read the comments and apparently the one from Iran and Thailand apparently have accents that the commenters find amusing. I'm intrigued to watch more lol

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I just watched the whole first episode. I think the premise is good, but I think they really need to vet their topics a bit better. I was kind of frustrated that the whole idea was to be able to talk about how great fathers are when the guy from Thailand clearly had an extremely abusive father. Then juxtapose that with the Canadian guy who had such a "perfect" childhood I feel like it was just a bit of a trainwreck and putting them all in an uncomfortable position.


In terms of proficiency, it seems like all of them have a relatively high level of Chinese. In terms of accent, I liked the Russian guy's accent and the British guy's accent the most :)

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I heard there was another Chinese version! Looks a little more natural than Hubei TV's 《非正式会谈》. I agree with the comments that the panel is livelier in 非正式会谈 than in 世界青年说 though.


Neither compares to the original 비정상회담 (yet)...

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I discovered this show about 2 weeks ago and I became fond of it. As Naijahusker said, it's really motivating to see those foreigners speaking an awesome Chinese!


There's also another point I find interesting. They seldom commit mistakes (wrong vocabulary, bad structure) but when they do I would have made the same because it's direct translation from a western way of speaking. Usually the subtitles correct these mistakes or sometimes the others make fun of the guy who made it. For example, the English said once 定桌子 instead of 定位 (book a table) and the others made fun of him. Another example, in episode 15 the Canadian explained the custom for children to place their lost teeth behind their pillow and the day after they find a piece of chocolate instead. He said 下一天 while the subtitles were 第二天, which seems to be more natural.


Since the American guy missed the third and fourth shows, he was each time replaced by a one-show guest. The first one was a French guy. His accent was probably the worst of all. I feel ashamed because I'm French myself...

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