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I am looking into applying for these two scholarships but I have stumbled upon a little problem.

I am currently on my last year of my bachelor degree. I plan to graduate on march/april. From what I saw browsing around, this year the deadline was on april, the same month I would be graduating. Thus the question. I am trying to fill the application but one the requiriments is highest education, I don't really know how to fill it. I would put Bachelor (of Economics in my case) despite not having finished my course yet. 


I wish to apply for a course in Chinese but I never studied. Would it be possible to achieve the master in chinese only by studying that one year of mandatory course?


Thank you!

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The Chinese are not dumb, if you're applying for a Master's Degree, they will assume that your bachelor degree is already obtained or you're in the last year of your undergraduate studies. I had a classmate who had the same issue, and the university he applied for contacted him before giving him the scholarship in late May, asking him whether or not he will graduate that year. So no issues, put your BA as highest education, and state it in your motivational letter when you will graduate.


You will probably not be able to achieve the level of Chinese required for a business/economics-related in just one year, because fundamentals in Chinese require a significant amount of time. The good news is that Chinese Master's programmes don't care about your level, depending on the university you need to take either the HSK4 or the HSK5 language exam to start your graduate studies, and both are doable in just one year. However, passing the exam won't make you fluent/proficient/master or call it whatever in Chinese. Assuming that you would like to pursue a degree in economics/business, an MA in a Chinese university won't contribute to your professional knowledge too much, as methods of education are very different compared to a Western university. You will cram the content of textbooks, which will be asked in the exam, and teachers will expect you to write exactly what was stated in the crappy textbook. None of your teachers will want you to be able to think critically or connect the dots. There won't be any business case studies or any teamwork tasks applied in the courses.


If you want to work in China in the future, the Master's might help you, but so does a 4-year work experience in your home country backed up by a good command of Chinese (which you can achieve by attending classes in your home country). Similarily, if you don't know what to do with your life, these 4 years in China might help you figuring out what your goal is.

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Hello I am a new user here.. I dont know much about Ch8na but I am studying Chinese here. I will get my BA chinese degree from here on january next year and I wanna join master in china. So I would like to apply for CSC. Is scholarship easy to get? Which university in beijing will be ok for me? Pls give me some advice... Much appreciate.. Thank You

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