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After Darwin, what?


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We are acquainted with biological evolution. What would be an appropriate term for Spiritual Evolution (i.e., the soul's journey towards Divinity)? I was thinking of 心靈上進化 / 心灵上进化 / xin1 ling2 shang4 jin4 hua4...

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Darwin worked out the theory of a biological evolution in his Origin of the Species. This only goes so far. One may also observe a spiritual evolution, whereby an entity starts out from a quantic nano-wavicle, proceeds through elemental, vegetal and animal existences and into human form, where he acquires an individualised soul. After a certain number of reincarnations, the soul has undergone sufficient experience and refinement to give it to consciously aid in this process and qualify for entry into a superior dimension, namely that of Wisdom and Divinity. It is this whole and holy process of unfoldment, this flowering and fruitening, the term should describe, While I was somewhat leery of the shamanic element of 靈 / 灵, the current 心靈 / 心灵 would seem to express the internal spirit and the magic inherent therein. I do appreciate the suggestion of 精神 for spiritual as well and perhaps all the more, notably in light of 神 [etym: man kneeling in awe before an altar] which immediately designates the Superhuman/Transcendental/Divine, yet as well for 精 representing polished rice, albeit [etym: rice grain growing green (fed) by a well].

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