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UK hardcore in China?


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Hi I am coming to China for Chinese new year and I will be there for around 3 weeks.

I am wondering and hoping there is some hardcore events or some dance\club nights.

I am a dj here and was hoping to experience some Chinese nightlife even better would be to get a gig and play.

I will be staying in Dalian but am willing to travel.

Can anyone help me with some good and interesting nightlife or even put me in contact with some promoters


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I am coming to China for Chinese new year

Just remember, that overseas Chinese communities celebrate Chinese New Year quite differently from how people celebrate it in China, and unless you are visiting Chinese friends, you may find Chinese new year in China is quite a dead time of year.  Think of it like Christmas in the UK - everything shuts down and everyone goes home and spends time with their family.


In a smaller city like Dalian, this will be even more true.

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That is a very good point thankyou

I will be there for few weeks though.

Would u still have any info on this topic?

As will be visiting regularly as my GF is Chinese and her family still live there.

This will be my first visit so even if I could visit such places or even meet some promoters

Or do u know of any websites I can use to kinda get involved and keep up to date with the clublife/nightlife?

Thankyou again

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Sorry, I don't really know much about the topic you asked, but just wanted to provide some context about that time of year.


I remember being quite disappointed with my first Chinese New Year in China, because it was nothing like I imagined.  I figured it would be a bigger, busier version of what happens in overseas communities (lion dancing, parades, organised fireworks displays etc), but there was none of that at all (though plenty of unorganised fireworks going off) and I was left wandering the streets of Shanghai with a handful of other foreigners wondering where all the festivities were.


If you're there visiting your girlfriend and her family, expect to spend the night eating Jiaozi, and watching the Spring Festival Gala on TV, interspersed with going down to set of fireworks at various points if you are lucky.


The general shutdown runs for about 2 weeks, when it can be really difficult to get anything done because everyone is away.  Sorry not to be of help with your main question, but just wanted to let you know what to expect.  Hopefully someone else can provide you with more info related to your actual question.


Whatever happens, be sure to come back and post about your experience.

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I was in Dalian around 4 or 5 days before the actual day of Chinese New Year last year.  Most places were still open.  Although Dalian is a smaller city, that doesn't mean it's a small city.  There will be bars and clubs open through the New Year festivities, but as for something as niche as you're after, I'm afraid you'll need to lower your expectations.  Basically, if you'd come on here and said "Hey, I'm going to be in Dalian for Chinese New Year, are there any expat bars, Japanese restaurants, or Chinese-style nightclubs I can go to?" then I think we'd be able to confirm that yes there will be.  I think I even went to an open mic night when I was there.  Although a Chinese open mic night is quite a long way away from a live gig in the UK.


As Imron says, make some dumplings, drink some baijiu, set off some fireworks and fall asleep in front of the TV.  Job done.


Just to clarify, a lot of stuff does close down but mainly just small family run shops/restaurants.  This only really becomes a problem in very small cities.  I was in such a place by accident on the day of New Year last year and only managed to eat dinner because we walked past a convenience store as the guy that owned it was dropping in to pick some stuff up and sold us some instant noodles.  Rather amusingly, the very next night we were in the towns only nightclub and it was decently full.  I remember my first Chinese New Year all my coworkers telling me to stock up on food so I wouldn't go hungry.  Carrefour was open the whole way through, plus a bunch of other big restaurants.

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Your best hope is to wait for someone on here that lives in Dalian to reply.  Or try google with something like "Dalian live music".  The other problem with what you're after is going to be that it's probably going to have some foreigner involvement, and a lot of the foreigners will be away from Dalian during that time.

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Thanks for the detailed replies

Sound like it gonna be fun and an experience!

I will be with gf's family so I'm sure we will have a great time

I think I should change my topic and take out the new year part as will be visiting other times also was just hoping to start talking with some people that involved or know of the club scene there so would make our trips to China even more interesting.

Again I am willing to travel around China so anyone on here know any other places or people to get connected with would be great.

Any type of club music places would be good as I know the UK hardcore scene is very niche

Both have been very helpful

But again thanks for your reply you

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