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Beijing triathlon commission


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I saw something regarding the Beijing 2008 olympics on TV the other night (in the US though it was a Chinese show with English subtitles) and it said that there is now a triathlon commission... does anyone know the 411 on this??? Do they have a course mapped out? Where will the athletes for 2008 train for biking, swimming, running while they're in the city? I want to check out the facilities *if* any are built thus far...



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There are a number of triathlons in China, the most well known is the ITU in Beijing and the one in Hainan. There has been a triathlon commisson for quite a few years but they really don't know the cutting edge training. The best athletes are all supported at the local level, there is more sponsorship opportunities there. They are also all members of the military. Occasionally, they train in Beijing but most of the time, they train in their local areas. I would also point out that I suspect that there is some serious juicing going on, particularly with the women. I have also heard of anecdotes of athletes/former athletes complaining about this. As for the course, I assume that it is laid out already, much like everything else in preparation for the Olympics.

For whatever it is worth, if you are training this summer in China, look me up. I raced at the half-iron level with California Kool Stuff but have now turned fat and slow. I am in the process of slagging off all of that weight... Best, L

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