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CC-Canto - new open-source Cantonese-English dictionary


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Thanks! Been interested in it for quite a while, but the lack of good material is a challenge - we're hoping we can eventually get this dictionary to a place where it can enable lots of other interesting Cantonese apps / websites / etc too (as CC-CEDICT has).


Lots of other Cantonese stuff in the works, including the Cantonese expansion of our (more thoroughly edited) PLC dictionary which in spite of starting long before we began working on CC-Canto is still not quite finished :-)

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Looks pretty sweet so far!


It seems like your transcribers are following different standards of transcription for the same meanings of the same characters, though:


呢鋪〔-铺〕 li1 pou1

呢次 nei1 ci3

呢便 ni1 bin6

呢陣時〔-阵时〕 nei4 zan6 si4

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Thanks! Sorry I didn't see this post before now. (had a baby a few weeks ago so I've been out of commission somewhat lately :-)


nei1 and ni1 are I believe used interchangeably, so with those at at least we just need to pick a system and stick with it. li4 is out of left field, though, and nei4 IIRC is only used in the very narrow sense of 'woolen cloth', so those are probably both wrong - it seems like they both came from the same (problematic-in-other-areas also) editor, and as it happens we're already going through and rechecking most of her work, so should hopefully be caught as part of that.

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Did you turn on Yale romanization support in Pleco? While both default to Jyutping, the website falls back on Yale automatically if it can't find a Jyutping (or Pinyin) match, while our app doesn't. Settings / Languages / Cantonese / Phonetic System.

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Thank you, Mike, that worked.

Another question, though. I see the other two or three Cantonese dictionaries there, any main driving points to buy them? I'm studying Cantonese for the summer here in HK and need an offline Cantonese dictionary. The Cantonese sheik dictionary combined with your dictionary seem to work well together but the sheik dictionary isn't available offline though from what I can see. I didn't know if the other paid dictionaries would be similar or even much better than the sheik one...?

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Two of them are Cantonese-to-Mandarin, so they'd only be useful if your Mandarin was at a sufficiently high level. They're quite good as Cantonese-to-Mandarin dictionaries go, though, and include lots of example sentences.

The third one - The Right Word in Cantonese - is probably the most useful, as it's English-to-Cantonese; it's small and short, but it gives you a good idiomatic translation for lots of common English words, and so goes beyond what you can get from a reverse search of a Cantonese-to-English dictionary like CC-Canto or CantoDict.

We're waiting on the completion of a commercial Cantonese-to-English dictionary that we hope to license when it's ready, but no release date on that yet.

We also have a pretty big update to CC-Canto coming soon, finally adding well-checked single character entries among other things.

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