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Renmin / Renda U. International Student Buildings?


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To follow up on previous postings , we sent applications for my son to BCLU (about the third week in May) and Renmin University (May 30, but Canada Post from Toronto had a $40CAD service that arrived in three days). We followed the procedure for wire transfer to BCLU, and (without other directions) sent a USD cheque drawn on a Canadian bank to Renmin University. We included copies of a handwritten letter of reference from one of his high school teachers, and interim transcripts (i.e. after March exams).

At the end of the second week of June, we received a letter of admission (i.e. visa application form filled out, a photocopied letter of directions for medical exams, etc.) from BCLU. A few days later, we received a similar letter of offering admission from Renmin University.

My friend (who studied at Beida during Tiananmen Square days) recommends that my son choose Renmin University, because the depth of immersion will be deeper than at BCLU. (Fewer foreign students, all-Chinese campus!) (He also made a joke that the women attending Renda will be smarter!)

The residence choices are Building 1 (double occupancy) or a marginally more expensive Building 2 (also double occupancy). Both offer air conditioning and Internet connection. The only difference between Building 1 and Building 2 seems to be that Building 2 is cited as having wood floors. (Building 3 is single occupancy, at almost three times the cost).

Has anyone been in these buildings, and advise on one versus the other? There appears to be dining facilities in both buildings, whereas there isn't one in Building 3.

P.S. My son received offers of admission to engineering programs at U. of Toronto, UBC, Waterloo, McMaster, and Ryerson. He has accepted the offer from U. of Toronto, and on advice from the registrar, will simply defer his admission one year to start September 2006. (UBC required a $100 deposit to accept their offer, but discussion with them said that they would refund the $100 deposit on notification of a deferment request).

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