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Chinese Classical and other Instramental Suggestions...

Song You Shen

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I'm always looking to add to my Chinese music collection. However, I am a little picky about what I like to listen to. I prefer classical and/or other styles of Chinese Instramental Music (anything with the guqin, chelo, violin, etc). I specifically enjoy relaxing, soft music, rather than upbeat chinese pop/rock/etc. I was wondering if any of you would have some suggestions of CD's or songs that you've listened to or have heard about.

Don't get me wrong though, I also enjoy people singing (as listening to the lyrics is benificial to my learning of Chinese), but I prefer it to still be soft and/or relaxing singing ;). So please give suggestions, if you have some, about soft/relaxing Chinese music. :) Thanks.


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I'm glad to learn that you enjoy traditional Chinese classical music. They are great indeed.

I would like to introduce the following

《春江花月夜》Moonlit River In Spring which is a famous piece for the instument 筝

《二泉映月》Reflection of the Moon on the Erquan Spring

《十面埋伏》a famous 琵琶 piece


And as to the song with lyrics, I would like to recommend a song named 送别Farewell composed by a famous artist as well as a monk name Li Shutong (Monk Hongyi)

Below is the lyrics for your enjoyment.

长亭外,古道边,芳草碧连天,晚风拂柳笛声残,夕阳山外山。 天之涯,海之角,知交半零落。 一瓢浊酒尽余欢,今宵别梦寒。

It's so beautiful,isn't it?

And the other, I enjoy 《满江红》the lyrics written by one of the most famous patriot 岳飞 Yue Fei










Hope this helps!


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