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Any reviews of World International English Yueqing, Wezhou (or just some info about the city)?

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Hi- I'm a 23 year old female from South Africa and I'm going to teach English in China for the first time. I was hoping someone (anyone) could please give me some information or reviews on World International English Yueqing Center, or just some info about the company itself as well as the city. I can't seem to find anything useful on the internet. Please request my email address if you would prefer to email  me. Thanks in advance.

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Do you mean Wenzhou?

If you can't find information, you want to ask the school to provide contact information for a current teacher (not a manager) and an ex-teacher who left recently. If they don't want to give you this or they try avoid it, that should set alarm bells ringing. It's a reasonable and fairly standard request.

Once you get the contact information, you can ask them any questions you need answered about the city/school.

You could post about Wenzhou generally in a location specific forum.

If you can't find any info on the school or location. Is this the only job offer you have? Are there others with more viable info out there? A lot of the better schools have good-ish websites and other online presence. For instance, we're on Facebook etc

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