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How to use several adjectives to describe a noun?


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In English, one can add many adjectives in front of a noun, e.g. "The rabbit lived on the top of the tall, beautiful, snow-covered mountain." I have several Chinese textbooks and grammar books, but they only show how to add one adjective to describe something, e.g. maybe like this: "兔子爬一个高的山。“ Are there some grammar structures that allow more than one or a list of adjectives?

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Of course u can use many adjectives to describe sth. But sometimes, it maybe seems a little weird like that.


Like 一个有钱的、高个子的、有礼貌的、愿意结婚的男人,it's correct in grammar,but we‘ll nearly never say something like that.It's better to seperate it into several sentences to discribe,like this: 他是一个高个子的有钱人,很有礼貌,并且愿意结婚。


And I guess,that's why there isn't such structures in chinese grammar book.Cause we just don't use it.

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The attributes are arranged according to the features of these attributes, the context and the intension of the speaker/writer. That is ... there's no definite rule but only some patterns that are more common.

For example, 一个①有钱、②个子高、③有礼貌又④愿意结婚的男人, it's more common to change freely the order of ①, ② and ③ OR that of ② and ③; ①她送的②白色(的)③羊毛围巾, a native speaker may place ③ in front of ② (她送的羊毛的白围巾), but ① will remain the first one.
ps: the cluster of attributes is rarely seen in early modern Chinese ( let alone in traditional Chinese ) but it's quite common nowadays especially on the Internet.
pps: I agree with chenkai9301. It's better(more formal) to put the central word in front of the attributes----这个男人有钱又个子高,有礼貌还愿意结婚。

1)一个红色的小盒子 or 2)一个小巧的红盒子, the quantifier is usually the first one, but the order of 红 and 小 is undecided. In the former case 小 is monosyllabic therefore it's more natural to place it right in front of 盒子, and 红 for the same reason in the latter.

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