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Children of Guangxi


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Hollywood star Brandon Fraser announces he will do a movie called Children of Guangxi in China, with director Roger Spottiswoode.

He made the announcement at a promotion event Saturday in Shanghai.

Set in Shanghai in 1937, the film is about a journalist who ignores the Japanese invasion but later has a change of heart after witnessing the Nanjing Massacre. Afterwards, he travels south to Guangxi Province, leading war orphanages to safety.

The film may also cast Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh. The script is written by Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby).

Brandon Fraser also mentioned a script for the third Mummy exists but that he was not allowed to announce it officially. He said he was expecting part for the movie, which will be shot in China.

Now it's about time Westerners make film on Nanjing Massacre. Brandon Fraser will play the role of journalist, George Hawk... I was told that George Hawk existed, but I am not sure.

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The trouble with cutting and pasting is that, if you are not careful, you end up repeating the original author's mistakes.

It is reasonably safe to bet that the journalist lead orphans to safety rather than their orphanages. Also, it might be an idea to clear up the ambiguity over whether he lead orphans to Guangxi (not a great idea considering that the Japanese eventually occupied that province, too) or went to Guangxi then lead orphans from there to safety.

Whichever, and I'll need to wait for my ¥7 DVD to appear in the local store, I look forward to the film company and Mr Fraser passing on some of their modest gains to the seriously underfunded orphanages still remaining here in Guangxi.

(BTW. I have done a fair bit of research into the Sino-Japanese war and its effect on Guangxi and have never come across "George Hawk". If anyone knows anything, I'd like to hear.)


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