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Converting Simplified<->Trad with Tong Wen Tang and firefox


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Works with Mozilla and Firefox to convert simplified to traditional and vice versa at the click of a button. I've always thought that this couldn't be too hard to do, but this is the first time I've actually found anything like it. :mrgreen: So far it seems to work okay, although there are issues. On a page I just loaded, it doesn't convert 甚 to 什 in 什么,but that's probably because both characters exist in the simplified form, no? Anyway, the world is now my oyster. No more finding a great page full of interesting vocab only to find it's from Taiwan or HK and i can't understand it (比如: my astrological studies or the new chinese engadget blog), no siree. Now the world is my oyster.

Unfortunately the file availible doesn't work on Firefox 1.0 without some tweaking. You can either try tweak it yourself by following these instructions, or use one of these links for an already tweaked install file:



The pass 2 file in the second link was dead for me, but that might just be temporary. I'm not really the person to ask for support on getting this done because I'm not very skilled with mozilla fare, but I can tell you after installing successfully, you might have to go "View" -> "Toolbars" -> "Customize" and add the tongwen button before you see it next to your url window.

Anyone else have a tool like this?

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As I said, I'm not good with Mozilla fare, but here are the basic instructions from the firefox wiki:

Installing Extensions

From MozillaWiki

Manually Installing Extensions in Firefox from Mozilla Update

1. On the Extension's download page, click on the Install Now link.

2. A download dialog box will appear. Click Save to Disk and save the Extension's .xpi file to your local disk (usually your Desktop).

3. Once the download completes, find the Extension's .xpi file; from the Firefox File menu, select Open File..., and open the saved Extension's .xpi file.

4. A Software Installation dialog will appear. Select Install Now to start the installation.

5. The Extension Manager will appear, and the extension will be displayed. Restart Firefox to complete the installation. The Firefox Extension has now been installed.

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