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Chinese name for a club

smiling dragon

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Ni hao.

I am trying to form a club/association in my city for people who are interested in Chinese language and culture. Can anyone suggest a catchy Chinese name for my club. It should be both in Pinyin and Hanzi. Also please do not forget to provide the translation along with the name you suggest.

Xie xie.

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Let me try to suggest:

ji2 zhong1 di4 / wang3 集中地 / 网

集中 as a phrase means centralize or concentrate

And word by word means:

集 (gather) 中(Chinese) 地(place) / 网(site)

But not sure if the name had been used already or not.

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Which country are you in? I think "三味" is very good. I don't know whether you can see the Chinese with your computer. "三味书屋"is a very famouse in (鲁迅)Lu Xun's artical.

Also you can have this name in English Sun Way. The same as the Pin Yin (San Wei). I can't express this clear. But you can ask anyone else.

Hope this can help you. Wish you have a wonderful club.


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Thank you for your suggestion. It looks interesting. But can you please provide the translation of the name along with pronunciation.

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Hi' date=' I'm a chinese. I can provide you a traditional club name "聚贤庄", if you mentioned these words, I can sure anybody chinese know it!

"聚贤庄" been pronuncationed jù xián zhuāng

it mean gathering smart guy[/quote']

Thanks. But can you please provide the translation as well.

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