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I've started self studying Mandarin Chinese with simplified characters. So far, it seems that there is no shortage of resources for Chinese learners, but I'm having a hard time finding one reliable source that will teach me word usage and grammar. I've been getting most of the vocabulary I study from the HSK lists, but there hasn't really been an obvious source to learn Chinese grammar, idioms, phrases, etc. Sources such as Chinese Grammar Wiki are certainly helpful, but it throws everything in my face at once and I don't know where to begin. I'd like something more structured, I guess you could say. 谢谢!


(I am new to this forum so this may be posted in the wrong section. Let me know if there's anything wrong)

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I suggest you start using a textbook and follow a structured course.


I like New Practical Chinese Reader (first version), it comes with textbooks, workbooks, mp3 audio and videos available on youtube.


Have a look at my blog where I describe how I use NPCR and other study materials I use. http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/blog/108-my-chinese-learning-blog/


There is also a great little app called Hello Chinese - learn chinese here http://www.hellochinese.cc/


You should also think seriously about getting Pleco,  this is one tool I believe no student of Chinese should be without.



Of course you have made one good choice and joined the forum, Welcome,  :)  This is the best place for help and advice with learning Chinese.

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Yes, welcome to the forum.


The Chinese Grammar Wiki does categorise its points. Start with the A1s, then the A2s. Considering it's free, it's a great resource. If nothing else, look at each of the A1 points, read the example sentences, and see how words go together. You'll soon be understanding things. Chinese grammar is not complicated.


I think it's difficult to start with no textbook, though.

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Thanks for the replies. You've both mentioned textbooks, and Shelley suggested the NPCR. I've heard some things about this textbook, but I've also heard things about Integrated Chinese. How do they compare?

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Get yourself a copy of "integrated Chinese". I believe many American Universitities use it as their textbook on Chinese courses. Each book also has a workbook available which includes a lot of exercises to help you get a handle on grammar points.

The grammar explanations, layout and examples are second to none. I also like how colourful and well designed the book is. It costs similar to a standard University level text book you'd find in the USA/UK which seems expensive compared to other book like (NPCR, BOYA, etc) but the quality and thought they've put into the book justifies the higher price.

Good luck

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