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Security for this Forum!


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Just a couple of days ago I was doing a search on the net for other places where OCR programs could we downloaded from. During that search, the page I had provided to members of this forum, as to where OCR4 and OCR5 could be downloaded from for free, appeared also on the net.

For that reason I have erased that information.

It seems to me that this is a "security breach" because anyone doing a search on the net can tap into the contents of this forum's pages.

Also, the beauty of being a member of this forum is to share and to learn from each others' expertise.

Is there anyway to keep this forum more secure. Example those that are not members would only be able to read some welcoming remarks, etc and leave all the rest of the information to the participating members?

This is only a suggestion!

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I'm afraid I have to agree with Quest. The forum gets a lot of visitors from search engines every day, and losing those visitors would probably mean losing a large percentage of our new members.

All I can suggest is that if you want to pass on information which you don't want to be publicly available is

1) Send it to those interested by PM


2) Put the link in, then remove it after a week or two.

Personally, I think the best solution would be for you to say 'I have a link for downloading, PM me if you want it'.

It would be possible to have a small 'private' area which search engines cannot find, visible to members only. If you think that is necessary, make a post in the suggestions branch and see who else thinks it's a good idea.


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