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B-Tech degree accepted in China


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Your question is rather vague.


There are two kinds of Z visas,  educational and scientific. 


To be a teacher you must have 2 years working experience, a TEFL and a BA degree. The employment office in China are looking for "Bachelor _________".


For degrees, they're not all 4 years, some countries it's 3.


What kind of job are you looking for?

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It is a 3 year national diploma in mechanical engineering with an extra year added on to make it a Bachelor of Technology :Mechanical.

I can take another year to make it a masters degree(Msc Mech Eng)which would remove any doubts people might have about my qualifications.

I am looking to be an english teacher,I have more than 2 years working experience but no experience teaching.

I'm also going to get an online TEFL cert.

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BTec is not equivalent to a degree. I believe they only go as high as NQF level 5, which is equivalent to year 2 of a bachelors degree. (So it's a bit like having two-thirds of a degree.)


EDIT: Oops, my bad - BTec is indeed very different to BTech, read it too quickly...thank you geraldc.

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I heard "Bachelor of Arts" are preferred. dhevets might be onto something.  Unless you're going to be teaching Technology, in that regard, you need 5 years teaching experience in your subject. You might need to look elsewhere, unfortunately. 

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The National Diploma is NQF 6 and the B-Tech is NQF 7.Any bachelors degree without honours is NQF 7 at least here in South Africa.Their is something called the ''Sydney accord" which list certain countries which accept B-Tech degrees and Hong Kong is on that list.My question is if anyone else has gotten a Bachelor of Technology degree accepted by chinese authorities for the purpose of attaining a Z visa. I'm not sure if Hong Kong and the mainland have the same immigration bureau. I can always do those internships in china to gain teaching experience cant I?I heard the degree doesn't necessarily have to be for education,am I wrong?

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Really, the only way to figure it out is to try. It's not a common qualification, so they might be dubious about it. I suspect it'll be fine. But if somewhere needs teachers badly enough, you could have a Bachelors of Pottery and they'll get you in somehow.


A more fruitful line of inquiry might be to get in touch with visa agencies there in SA, or even the embassy if they pick up their phone. Or ask these people

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Ah, there, South Africa. You're lucky you have such nationality. Because SA is one of the non-native (well semi non native) countries the SAFEA sometimes do accept. But most employers are hesitant to hire. Unless your white skinned, blue eyes, tall (sarcasm). However, racism does exist in China so I hope you are at least white skinned. 


You may get by with your Bachelor of Technology, but you most definitely will need that TEFL cert.

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