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The Story of China (new BBC series)


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I've lost count of the number of times I watched Micheal Wood's "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great" and "Conquistadors" when I was a kid. Later came the equally excellent "The Story of India" and I remember thinking at the time "when is he going to make a history of China series?". Well, almost a decade later and who should I catch on the BBC news as I was about to head to work on Thursday morning than the man himself promoting his new documentary "The Story of China"!


For those unfamiliar with Michael Wood's work, his shows are part historical documentary and part travelogue, and he loves to find living links to the past as he travels around the modern world. Although people knowledgeable about Chinese history aren't likely to learn anything new here, the quality of the filming and Micheal's boyish enthusiasm make it well worth a watch. Enjoy:



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This week's episode was about the Tang dynasty. Michael Wood covered Xuan Zang's journey to the west, both the Tang's influence on the world and it's openness to foreign influences, the silk road, and also a bit of Tang poetry. 


The Story of China seems to be part of a larger series of documentaries about China, so hopefully there's more to come after this:


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