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Learn Chinese in China

Living in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia


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Sounds really interesting. I've actually been to Chifeng once before to attend a wedding. It seemed like a fairly small city and I vaguely remember riding a bus out of town to get to the grasslands. There was mongolian text along with chinese characters on most of the buildings in town. Post some pictures if you can :)

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@zethe- I was interested about how/why you selected to work at Candy School and live in Inner Mongolia. I've always been interested in 'off the beaten path' places that people decide to live.

Did anything in particular draw you to Inner Mongolia?

Any first impressions or preconceived notions that have changed now that you've lived there for some time?


@abcdefg I second the "would like to see pictures vote"  :D


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Well, I suppose it's a mix of reasons.

I really didn't have any idea how shady schools can be in the smaller regions, nor how ignorant they are of bureau regulations, so it was part ignorance on my part of the trustworthiness of people in smaller cities.

I wanted to start in a small city where I didn't have bigger competition from other ESL teachers, as it was my first job in China, and I was just starting my career there.

I thought I would be more comfortable in a smaller city with a more green environment nearby as I'm used to the rural and mixed-urban areas of Missouri.

I already had some experience in the Chinese language (written and spoken) and want to try mastering as much as I can before moving on to other languages, so I thought throwing myself into a smaller city could help through immersion.
I was in kind of a hurry to set up a job quick, so I hadn't weighed my options very much, and the boss in Chifeng seemed the most trustworthy and helpful at the time. (I checked her school license and talked to other teachers)


Notions that have changed:

Chinese bosses are not to be trusted (maybe this is just from a negative experience) things are not what they seem in-ever.

I don't particularly like the way people stare and get gaping looks on their faces when they see me, nor do I appreciate the questions often asked.

You cannot expect to bring American ideas or ways of thinking, nor criticize (even constructively) the way the school system is laid out.

I came here extremely motivated and wanting to help the school in any way possible, but that quickly wore off a few months later when I realized there is no appreciation, all ideas are stolen and no credit is given, and often I am told they can find another 'white teacher'. All in all, I think a lot of people in this region are quite racist.


That's not to say, I love the spring and summer here, the people are very kind and welcoming to me (often wanting to go to dinner), and quite a few are helpful.

There is good and bad with every place, but I think the negative outweighs the good here with my experiences.

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Mongolian is displayed on almost all chinese signs, stamps, and so-on right next to the Chinese characters. You will see Mongolian-Chinese signs more often than English-Chinese signs.

Mongolians are common here, and I even have some mongolian students who are learning both Chinese and English.

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