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2 Months Processing for Z Visa


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Hi Guys,

In December I got hired for a job in Shenzhen. They sent me the offer letter and everything.I have no doubt that they can help me get the Z visa because they have more than 50 foreigners working there.

The problem is that once I got hired and after getting all the documents ready (no criminal record, etc) they kept asking for more and more supporting documents whichslowed down the process. I also was in China at the time I got hired and just graduated from my uni in China, however they refused to submit my documents unless I had an exit stamp from China. All these things really slowed down the process, along with the CNY holiday so they had to change my start date by 2 months.

Up to now I don't have my documents from my employer yet that I have to take to the Chinese embassy in my country, however according to them my documents are now with the foreign experts bureau. My question is what goes on in the foreign experts bureau with my documents and how long does it take for my application to get approved? Is there a chance that my application may be denied?

I also have a question with the 2 year experience thing. I don't have that, and the company didn't say anything about needing it however my friend whos application got approved also didn't have two years experience. He and I both took our MA degrees in China so according to him his company said it counts as experience.

According to my friends past experiences it really does take a while for their processing, my friend even said his took half a year! (hope that won't be in my case :P) However, I am getting very antsy since I have been waiting already for 2 months and they haven't sent me anything, although I am in constant communication with my company regarding the process, plus with their experience hiring foreigners I feel ok with the company.

Any thoughts? Mind sharing your own issues and experiences when you applied for your Z visa? Thanks!

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There is nothing in the world that can make government workers work faster. 


You're just anxious.  Nothing to be done about it.  In fact, I would bet that it is the company dragging its feet taking the documents around to the various offices, not the government processing time.  It does take weeks to get visa paperwork processed, but all you can do is wait.

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