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文明行医 culture practice?

廉洁行医 honesty practice?

科学行医 science practice?

诚信行医 honesty practice?


Can you please explain what these expressions mean? The woman is said to be a psychologist. The building looks like a hospital or an educational building. Are they names of some university departments or just slogans?


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They are slogans -- in very common Chinese form -- that advertise how the medical practice conducts itself. It's civilized, honest, scientific and even more honest. They also serve to exhort the workers at the medical facility to be civilized, honest, scientific and even more honest.

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Yeah, so just to be clear, here 行 is the verb 'to do' and the phrase 行医 is most accurately translated as 'to practice medicine'.  The first two characters in each line tell you how you should practice medicine.  I guess it might be more clear if you take it as 文明地行医, but you drop that extra character to hit the magic number of four.

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Some examples of the kinds of behavior advocated by the slogans:
Do: Treat patients with respect and courtesy. A nice smile goes a long way.
Don't: Treat patients with open contempt.


Do: Treat all patients fairly and equally.

Don't: Accept red envelopes from patients in return for better or faster treatment.



Do: Prescribe medicine which is backed up by peer reviewed science.

Don't: Peddle quack cures like ground rhino horn alongside legitimate medicine.



Do: Give patients enough information to make informed decisions about the medicine they buy.

Don't: Push unnecessary extras on patients (such as expensive "vitamins") to make more money.

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