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Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Status


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Mine just changed from 已确认 to:

申请进度:“接收院校审核中”- 预录取 
(意见:经审核材料,符合录取条件。) - pre-admitted



From last years posts I gathered that if everything is ok it the next one should be:


申请进度:“接收院校审核中”- 录取 
(意见:申请者身份属实,材料齐全,同意录取。) - accepted by the univeristy 


and then in June something like that:


申请进度:“奖学金资格评审中”- 授予奖学金 

(意见:祝贺荣获孔子学院奖学金!学校领取孔子学院奖学金证书,请咨询wangxiaoxu@hanban.org,并请学校将入学材料寄至推荐机构转交奖学金生。)2015年度获得全额奖学金。 - scholarship granted by hanban 


Other statuses from last year:

申请进度:“接收院校审核中”- 调剂院校 

(意见:招生工作节点转至汉办调剂) - application transfered to a different university (not accepted by 1st and 2nd choice uni)



(意见:招生工作节点,转第二志愿院校).  - application transfered to your second choice

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Today I got the following:

申请进度:“推荐机构择优确认中”- 驳回


As far as I got, it has to do with the HSK/HSKK certificates, they want to see scanned photocopies of the certificates, not the screenshots.

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Hi guys. Some of the messages we recieved (that I didn't see in your list).







2) 请推荐机构对照2016年招生办法,仔细核对申请者资质


3) "建议学生不要集中填报某个志愿学校"

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Good job houshinomi!


Let me share my interpretations:


申请进度:“奖学金资格评审中”- 退回院校 (意见:经研究,为保证录取学生质量,提高录取效率,请各相关院校本着质量优先、国别平衡原则,重新预录取。

Reviewing scholarship application requirements and applicant's qualifications -- sent back by institution [rejected by target university] (Review further. In order to ensure quality of students and improve the efficiency of admissions, please admit based on quality and prioritize excellent applicants, balance according to country. return to pre-admitted status.)





1) Basically your recommending institution did not check your application properly before submitting it to Hanban there are all sorts of problems with it. They want them (or you) to review the application procedures. ]

2) Same as 1 but more direct. They are asking your recommending institution to follow the guidelines.


What Hanban wants them to do specifically will be communicated to them directly and not to the applicant.


3) We suggest that the student refrain from (incessantly) contacting the target university ------- I think someone in the target university got pissed off and ask Hanban to tell the student to handle matters with the CI first.

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Mine just changed from 已确认 to:

申请进度:“接收院校审核中”- 预录取


Can you help me?

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Hello everyone, 
my status changed from 已确认 to 申请进度:“接收院校审核中” 
(意见:综合考虑,不予录取)  and the name of the institution automatically switched to my second choice. Does this mean that my first option refused my application and that my second option will most likely turn it down too? I couldn't find any information about this kind of status and I wanted to ask if someone knows something about it. 

Thank you!

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Esteebao, there's still hope that your second choice uni won't turn you down. It would have been nice of your first choice uni to give you a reason for not accepting you, but, on the other hand, if there was something really wrong with your application they probably would have told you. So, be patient and good luck :)

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Hi there!


Mine just changed to: 申请进度:“接收院校审核中”- 预录取 



If I understand well, I got pre-accepted by the university, right? 

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