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how to delete account

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5 hours ago, 杰.克 said:

But not the personal data that is written in the posts.


People have the option to edit their posts. Don't you ever edit your posts ?


Edit: actually I'm not terribly interested in this topic.


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We are also happy to delete personal information disclosed in posts, and have done so in the past at the request of users.


What we won’t do is wholesale deletion of a user and all their posts. 

In any event, doing that won’t capture everything someone has written, as people will likely have quoted the user when replying to their posts and deleting the user won’t delete the other persons quotes.


In summary, we respect people’s right to privacy and will delete personal identifying information upon request, but will leave up other posts that don’t contain PII but do form part of a discussion. 

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Great, thanks for clarifying. As always a reasonable and suitable response! 

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On 6/14/2020 at 7:53 AM, suMMit said:

Curious why someone would suddenly want to be "deleted" after being here for several years

It's quite unusual for an active user to do this. Much more commonly it's someone who's made very few posts, but is cleaning up their Google search results. If it's an active user or someone who's made more than a minimal contribution I'll maybe see what their reasoning is - sometimes people are happy with a change of username, or they're just trying to stop email notifications which I can turn off for them (which they could do themselves, but it's not as easy as I'd like it to be at the moment), or there's one specific post they don't realise they can just edit themselves.


It does affect coherence of old topics a bit, as we can't go in and edit other people's posts - so while your username might get changed to Number 6, everyone in the topic will still be saying "I completely agree with PatrickMcG". 

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