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possibility of changing major and university

sarra hadji

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Hello everyone,


I have recently been granted the CSC scholarship to study naval architecture in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Well am certaintly excited but at this stage i started to get some doubts. at the time i was filling the application i was in a hurry and didn't take time to think about the studies, this major seemed tempting. But now and taking a closer to other majors proposed i've discovered a masters degree in sustainable design in Nanjing University. Honestly it appealed to me and it suites better my interested and my previous major which is architecture. I was thinking about asking CSC the possibility to change university but not sure if I will get a positive answer, or even an answer through e-mail. I have equally sent a mail to the university to request the same thing. Does any one have an idea whether it is possible or not or if it's possible to change major within the same university and what is the procedure to do so. 

Thank you 

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I would get in touch with Nanjing University as well and see if they can help you at their end, see if there's room, etc as well as the CSC people. Keep your fingers crossed, but be prepared if you get turned down. The NJU people have been pretty decent at returning emails, but you might want to try and call as well (both them and CSC). Shanghai Jiaotong is an extremely good school... is there a major there you could switch into? 

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Well thank you for your reply and kind help I really appreciate it. Actually yes there is major in SJTU, that is closer to what I would like to study . And it is under the same department of naval architecture and ocean engineering. Do you think that they would accept to change major in this case ?? Yeah now I am more convinced to pursue my studies in SJTU as it is a very prestigious University with a great world rank. 

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