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Anki strange chinese words


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Hi everyone,


Just wondering whether any Anki users have encountered this problem. Normally, I key in words into excel and then import them into Anki. But sometimes the words end up looking very strange when shown in Anki.


Perhaps a picture can better explain what I am seeing:


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You have to look "under" the card, there is some HTML code in there that got pasted in.  I forget which menu option this is in Anki.  I avoid this by pasting first into Notepad.  Since Notepad does not support formatting of any kind, you now have bare text.  Press CTRL-A select all and CTRL-C copy again, and then CTRL-V paste into Anki.  

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In Anki, go to your deck => Browse => Search, this should bring you to the current deck.

Click the "Cards..." botton, on the left side in the middle is a field called "Styling". If you haven't changed it before, it should look something like this:

  .card {

  font-family: arial;

  font-size: 20px;

  text-align: center;

  color: black;

  background-color: white;


Change the font-family to the font you use in Excel, for example:

  font-family: 宋体;

This changes the default font for all cards in your deck. You should be able to see the change immediately on the right side.

If your characters still look weird, you probably are using a separate style in the templates. Check the Front Template and Back Template. If you see something like

  <span style="font-family: Liberation Sans; font-size: 40px; ">

change the font-family there too.

If it still doesn't work, go back to the browser screen, click "Fields...", check each field to see if they are using a Japanese font. Normally the default font Arial should be fine unless you are using a Japanese version of Windows then I don't know.

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