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Learning mandarin online


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Hey everyone,


Was wondering what are some of the good online courses you guys would recommend? I am currently attending some business mandarin lesson but it is coming to an end soon so would like to continue learning online if possible otherwise I doubt I would be able to improve. Ideally, I would like interactions with a tutor so that I can listen to her speak and respond accordingly (quickest way to improve I think).


Based on the thread about echineselearning I doubt I would use them. But what about Italki, has anyone used them before? What I like about them is the ability to filter courses by business chinese tutors.


Many thanks!

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I have always preferred to learn Chinese in person and am not an online learning expert, so I will not make any recommendations there. However, I think if you provided some information regarding your current level, what you want to achieve, how you study and what exactly you are looking for when you mean online course (it sounds like you are looking for an online tutor really, not a course, right?) I think that might help others to make useful recommendations.

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Hi zhouhaochen, yes you are correct I am looking for an online tutor. Reason for looking for looking for an online one instead of a local one is that it is very expensive to find a local one who comes from China where I come from. Talking to a tutor from China would also help me to familarize with their accent.


My current level is intermediate. I would like to achieve business proficiency in mandarin (ie. read mandarin business contracts and financial statements, negotiate in business mandarin). Currently, I just study from textbooks (using Open for Business by Jane C. M. Kuo). With regards to what exactly I am looking for, as long as the tutor can help me achieve my objectives of attaining business proficiency I wouldn't mind giving it a shot provided I agree with the approach.

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