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Is it possible for a Filipino with TEFL certification to teach in China?

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Good day!


I'm a college degree holder from the Philippines who is interested in teaching English in China. I haven't taken a TEFL course yet, but I plan to do so in the near future. However, what concerns me is that most schools seem to seek teachers from native english speaking countries. Given my situation, do you guys have any advice with regards to my predicament? Do you guys know of any schools or websites where I can apply legally as a Filipino English teacher in China? 


On a another note, is TESOL a good alternative to TEFL? 

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I think you can try to talk to schools first, before you invest money and time in a TEFL or TESOL course. If you can get a job and then it turns out that you need TEFL/TESOL because of your work visa, you can take one. I think it is safer to find a job, then get the certificate if necessary. What if you pay for the certificate out of your own pocket and then just can't find an employer willing to hire you? 


I am 100% certain that citizens of countries where English is not the official language can work legally in Guangdong, not sure if all local authorities in China allow this. 

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I've met plenty of Filipinos teaching English in China. You could try Aston English and/or Disney English first.


In many cases, TESOL and TEFL are different names for the same thing. A TEFL (or TESOL) certificate will probably be fine. CELTA is even better, if you can find somewhere near you that offers that course, and you don't mind the increased cost.

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TESOL TEFL etc are something of a joke. If you never taught before then what you learn helps only with the first few weeks. While 'all' schools ask for it, it is rarely actually required. However if you have no experience teaching it is an obstacle if you do not have it.


I have met a good number of Pinoys teaching in China. Especially since you have no experience [and maybe a non-teaching related degree] you can expect

1/ hard time finding a position, but it is much better if you are here in person

2. offered jobs by less prominent schools

3. get paid less than the native-english speaking peers

4. get offers teaching kindergarten and the kiddies

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