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Hi Guys!


Last year I've made possibly the biggest mistake of my life, when, after graduation from university in my country, I chose CIS one year scholarship. Now I want to stay in China for my Master's degree, but there's this:



 Applicants must not be a registered student in China or an employee in China at the time of application

On top of which some universities supposedly do not accept applications sent from China (while some other encourage applicants to bring applications to the bureau themselves), I am totally lost in this situation. 

Is there anyone who applied while being in China already? Am I really a registered student if I am only doing a Language Course, not a Degree Program? And does it really matter, or is it just another weird thing that they don't look into at all later?


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Look for other scholaships! There are so many scholarships. Including scholarships for studying at Sino-Foreign universities, where the language of instruction is English. Then there is the Master's in China Studies at the PKU Yenching Academy.

I had a roommate who applied for the Shanghai Government Scholarship while on the CIS. She received the SGS to cover the expenses for her doctorate. Not sure if the chances are higher for doctoral than for master's degree students. Anyway, the Shanghai Government Scholarship is one option you can consider.

Don't forget university scholarships too.

Also, CIS only covers degree programs in teaching Chinese, if you look at other funding options, you will have the freedom to choose what you want to study/research.

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Thanks Angelina! What I meant was, I want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship for my Master's. I was really determined to get this one, because monthly allowance is the highest and others I've seen can't even cover monthly expenses. I will look into SGS though. Thank you!

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There are many other scholarships.

At least at Zhejiang, there is the MOFCOM, where they pay as much as what the Chinese Government Scholarship pays, plus they will pay for your plane tickets. There is the Marine Scholarship. There is the Asian Future Leaders: decent monthly allowance, Chinese roommate. The University scholarship does not pay as much as the CSC, but we have the Two High University Scholarship. If your 导师 has been awarded any honors for her outstanding contribution to science, the university will pay you as much as what the CSC pays.

One of the people I know who was awarded the MOFCOM applied while studying in China. Just like the Shanghai Government Scholarship, I guarantee this is possible. He even stayed in the same dorm because he is really happy here.

BTW Don't forget to look at what people are doing. Can you join any research projects? This is called 课题 in Chinese. You might get paid for your research work too. I remember someone worked on a paid project with Phillips and got paid for his work. You can even talk to professors or their graduate students if they are working on anything right now/planning to start. Will your work with them be paid? The fact that you are in China is good, you can meet them in person. Of course, if you do not have much experience, you obviously can't demand a salary, but you can ask if there are any projects and if there is any funding.

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