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Admission in Sun Yat Sen University

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Hi Everyone,


I plan to take admission in SYSU-Guangzhou for 1 year Chinese language programme. I have already sent the documents by courier. Now waiting for admission confirmation, which I am told is that its going to take 2 months approx.


Now I have couple of questions,


- Can I know how is the success rate of application for Chinese language programme?

- After successful admission, and arrival in SYSU, due to any can reason, can I change the university? if yes, how is that possible?



Looking forward

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Success rate is very high, but no idea what the actual numbers are.  I doubt the school releases those numbers.  As long as you filled out everything and sent the required documents, you probably have a good chance of being admitted.  There might be some countries or certain standards they look for in determining acceptance, but no idea what they are, and I've heard of people getting rejected without reason given.


You can't change university after arrival, most schools registration ends around March to May, so if you decided SYSU isn't right for you, you'd have to apply at other schools for for the Spring semster. What you should do is try to get admitted to 2 or 3 schools you like, after arrival visit both campuses, and then choose.  You don't pay tuition until school begins, so no harm getting admitted to several schools, it just costs a little time and money filling out applications.


But if you decide you don't like SYSU after a semester or even longer, you can absolutely reapply for a different school.  But, you can't just show up at the new school, you have to go through the full acceptance process.

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I have already sent the admission documents to SYSU. And I will pay the admission fees in couple of days. Without any assurity of admission, I have already spent around 1000-1200 rmb. (I would have been pretty much happy to spend this, if I had any concrete picture :x )


Some of the mates here at this forum, have already given their view about part time jobs (in another post). But I would like to know others' opinion too. Can I do a part time job? Any hours limitation? any valid platform of chinese govt., where I can get this info from?


How far is Loucun area, foshan from SYSU South Campus? Can I go there for part time job, daily?

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You can only work privately.  If you work without a work visa in China, it''s technically illegal, unless given special permission from the PSB.  There's no official place to get info, you just have to know the right people to get approval.  First place to start would be asking the place you want to work at to get approval, or walking into the PSB office and inquiring about it.  Probably not worth the hassle though.


Anywhere in Foshan is too far from SYSU South campus.  Since me nor my Chinese girlfriend who is from Foshan has heard of Loucun, I'd guess it's really, really far away.

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