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Shandong Dialects


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Hey I'm just wondering if anyone knows any resources online about the dialects in Shandong? I currently live there and while a lot of people speak dialects not too different from standard mandarin, it can still be frustrating trying to converse when I'm not with someone I can ask to explain something in standard mandarin.

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Could you find a local to tutor you, even informally or part time?


I live in Kunming and am often frustrated by my inability to understand dialect speakers. Have gradually picked up some just from daily interactions, but not enough to hold a conversation. Have rationalized my deficiency by telling myself that my language-learning time is better spent improving my Mandarin. 

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Check out this video http://www.bilibili.com/video/av1580422/ . It's about the website http://www.phonemica.net/ and an effort to get the recording of Chinese dialects onto the internet. There are very few recordings of 山东话· and none of 淄博话 so you can see just how few resources there are! This site is a great idea though!

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Well, I doubt you will find any good resources about 淄博话, but you can try with 济南话 that it's kind of the representative dialect of the group where 淄博话 belongs to. You can download the 济南方言词典 here https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bjl52n8sw2bbb/山东话 (you will need to know how to read IPA). 

This is an example of the vocabulary both dialects share


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That looks like a very useful resource. I don't know how to open it though. Any suggestions?


I have heard duozan but wasn't sure of the character so thanks for that!

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I only know a few words of the local dialect but can't write the IPA or tones because I just don't know what they are. I will try to write them like standard pinyin as it helps me to remember and I can definitely pick up the words when I hear them. I'm curious if anyone else familiar with Shandong dialects knows these words and if they are similar in neighbouring dialects.


Also, if someone could suggest characters for those missing, that would be a huge help! I don't have tones below but the pinyin will be useful for beginners.


ZIBO (Zhang Dian District)

1 = roughly standard pinyin (not accounting for accent)

2 = standard mandarin

3 = English


(i) 1 duo zan (多咱 ) 2 shenme shihou 什么时候 3 what time/when

(ii) 1 gu de (gu? de?) 2 Standard Acquivalent? 3 To squat down, to make a squatting position with the legs

(iii) 1 zuo shen (zuo? shen?) 2 shuohuo, shuo 说话, 说 3 to speak, to talk

(iv) 1 le (两?, 二?) 2 liang, er (两,二) 3 two

(v) 1 yelai hou shang (夜来后晌) 2 zuotian wanshang (昨天晚上) 3 Last night/yesterday evening

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You can open it with WinDjView.


(i) 多咱,什么时候 what time/when (咱 here it's a "合音字“,it's the pronunciation of the combination of 早 and 晚。早晚 means time)
(ii) 跍堆 / 跍蹲 to squat down

(iii) 做声,说话 to speak, to talk, to chat

(iv) 俩,两,二 two

(v) 夜来后晌,昨天晚上 last night, yesterday evening

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