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Private schools Dongbei specifically Yanji and Dalian.


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Hello All,


    Thanks  in advance.  I am a self taught Mandarin learner who is probably at the advanced beginner to low intermediate level. For the past year I have worked at a large Asian grocery store.  My coworkers have been heavily from Southern China(Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Taiwan) but also some from Northern and Central China (Xian, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin etc.).    I have gained a lot of knowledge from repetition and expanding my lexicon but know I haven’t fully taken advantage of the opportunity.


     I am now looking to travel  to mainland China and specifically the Dongbei region  to improve my Putonghua. I would like to study of a budget minded private school for about 3 months.  I would study at a university but it doesn’t seem to line up with my time frame.




    I would like to study or at least spend a couple weeks in Yanji. I have seem several posts on the forum about Yanbian University does anyone know of any private schools? If nothing else I will try to spend a little time and get a private tutor.  I find the bilingual aspect of the city to be very interesting.  I  will attempt to document street signs and put them on a platform(instagram etc) for others to use as well. The way my mind works it will help keep my study of Hanzi interesting as well as improving my Hangul.




     Dalian seems like it would be a very pleasant place to study.  The air pollution levels are almost off the charts in many cities most specifically in the north east and they seems to be 1/3 to  ¼ the levels in Dalian. I am currently inquiring at Aushi Language training school. The language on the street might be jiao liao dialect of mandarin but close enough. In the same way I would study in Taiwan but want the input from the simplified Hanzi all around.




   Bincai seems like a good choice in Harbin. If I am right it is 266 Usd a month for the group classes for 20 hours  and 250 usd for  a shared apartment.

   1 on 1 mandarin workshop. I have heard this program is very good with 4 hour a day individual instruction and a private apartment.  If I wasn’t stretching my budget this would be at the top of my list.




   I have heard of a Private school called “Aliens” and found a general location but not specific info.




  Living the Language seems to be a good school but a bit pricy.


I will do a follow up with contact info and cost breakdown for what I can find.

Thanks all.

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Hello flray!


My friend works as a teacher in Yanji in a private language teaching institute. I think most of their students are Koreans or of Korean heritage, for obvious reasons; however she just confirmed that they have several teachers who can speak English. They offer lessons via Skype and in their institute.

My plan was to help you get in touch with each other to help you find out all you need to know. I asked for their webpage but it's in Korean only ...

They want to talk to you via Skype about all the details and language level assessment. My friend mentioned that the price depends on your schedule. (Btw. my friend can't speak English so you would be talking to someone else, but I'm sure she would give me all the details in case you have further questions etc.)


If you send me your Skype ID via private message I will forward it and they will contact you. Alternatively I can give you their Skype ID which my friend told me in response; however she said before calling them directly you need to contact them at the given time via sending me a message, so I can inform them, giving them a chance to set up the meeting before accepting your call.


Looking forward to your reply,




Note: I am not affiliated with any language teaching institue.

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Thank you so much Mati1,


  I sent you a pm with my personal e mail. I am currently having issues setting up  Skype and with work and other things I might not be able to have call until sunday eastern standard Us time afternoon or evening. Would the school be able to send me an invitation for a visa? It could still work that I go to study somewhere else and then come to yanji for 2 weeks to a month to study. I would like very much to mix chinese and korean instruction. I do not have a higher level of aspiration for now of korean then to become conversant and have a base grammar knowledge. 


Cheers flray

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