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Sino-Japanese war (1937-45) and Chinese civil war (1945-49)

Squawk 1200

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Some qyestuins: 

1. What's the official PRC opinion of Kuomintang government during the aforementioned periods? I mean the official historiography as sanctioned by the Communist Party. Is the ROK universally condemned or maybe it's positive aspects are recognized? 


2. What were the main reasons behind nationalists' defeat in the civil war? 

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1. Chinese Nationalist Party was the major force against Japanese army during the war, that's admitted by the mainland government. Nowadays Communist Party is trying to reconcile with Nationalist Party, you know. 


2. Not sure, I think you'd better check it in the library.

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On 27-1-2017 at 2:00 PM, Squawk 1200 said:

2. What were the main reasons behind nationalists' defeat in the civil war?

What sources have you looked for so far, and what have you found? This is a very big question that I imagine has been answered by numerous people in numerous books, articles and other ways. You can certainly ask for comments here, but this is not really the place to start your search, I think.

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