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As to, regarding "zhiyu" 至於


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Here is a paper of the HK Legislative Council that I have found randomly with many "至於" (use the search function (the binoculars icon) and you will find all of them).

The corresponding English version is here.

Some examples -


The Chairman enquired about the bases for working out the FRC’s estimated annual operating cost and its staffing requirements. In reply, SFST said that the estimates were based on past experience of HKICPA in undertaking its investigation work. As regards staffing requirements, SFST stressed that the objective was to put in place a lean structure for the FRC so as to ensure its cost-effectiveness. The FRC might review its staffing requirements after it had come into operation for a period of time.


SFST stressed that the Administration would consider the merits and needs of individual projects before making a decision on land grants. As regards the suggestion of setting up a transparent and professional mechanism for assessing the value of the land, SFST pointed out that it would be extremely difficult to make the assessment which would involve a host of variable factors.

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People use "至於" when they have several things to go through, it will bring up the last thing to mention which probably could be relatively important/minor, outstanding/bad.


小陈去那里,小马去那里,小王去那里,至于小李嘛, 留在这儿吧.



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Thanks for the responses. Actually, I'm also pretty confused on "guanyu," so I still need :help . Are these words just always used at the beginning of a sentence, and then typically followed by a noun (what it's regarding)? Maybe someone could give me a more elementary sentence for my elementary mind, so I can understand it better.

Let's say: "Regarding that book, I think if you read it it's a mistake."

Would it be: 至於那個書﹐我覺得你看它﹐就錯了。 :wall

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So would this be right..

yes. except Chinese homework is 中文作业 not China's homework。also use 谈 instead of 讲, and add 的话题 to the end.



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Regarding that book' date=' I think if you read it it's a mistake---------------至於那個書﹐我覺得你看它﹐就錯了。[/quote'] While this is not exactly what we Chinese usually say.

In my opinion, it could be: 至于那本书,你读它完全无意义。:)

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is it OK to assume that 关于 and 至于 are the same thing and used in the same way, just one is more formal??
No, it's not! Those who told you that these are the same are themselves confused. 关于 is basically "as for/ as to", whereas 关于 is "about/ concerning/ on". I have to go now but will post you some examples for you to see the difference when I come back.
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HK, you've pasted it wrong. :wink:
Thank you skylee, you've got sharp eyes! :D What I meant to post is this:

至于 is basically "as for/ as to", whereas 关于 is "about/ concerning/ on".

You use 至于 to signal that you're changing to a new topic, or considering a new aspect, different from what has gone before. 至于 is therefore often at the beginning of the sentence: "As for, As to, As regards..."

至于他的计画,... (As to his plan,...)

至于第二点, ... (As regards the 2nd point,...)

至于你, 没门儿!(As for you, no way!)

这只是我的意见,至于对不对,请大家考虑 (This is only my view. (As to) whether it's correct or not, please trust yourselves)

他只顾好不好吃,至于营养价值根本不管 (He only cares whether the food is nice or not nice to eat, and thinks nothing about its nutritious value)

As regards 关于, it simply means "on / about /concerning" and can therefore occur either at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence:

这是关于什么的? (What is it about?)

我喜欢读关于中国的书 (I like to read books on/ concerning China).

关于这件事,你能给我一些建议吗? (Can you give me any suggestion on this matter?)

中国有许多关于风,雨,雷,电的神话故事 (China has a lot of myths about wind, rain, thunder and lightning)

Like many other similar pairs of words, 至于 and 关于 may occasionally be interchangeable, especially when out of context. The basic difference as outlined above is however useful in helping to keep them apart.

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There's another commonly used meaning for the phrase 至於 that means "to the extent of". For example:



If you would just be more active, you wouldn't be so fat!

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There should be slight different between "至于"and "关于"

you can use "关于" whenever you want to said something about one event, you can say--关于 this event, I dont have enough experience to talk about it.

However"至于"should be used when you are talking about 2 events, for example--Spring festival and beer festival. You can say, I know lots of stories about Spring Festival, 至于 beer festival, I have no idea about it.

Also, as mentioned above, you can use 至于 to follow a negative word--不 or a querying word--何, normally when you should do something, but you did not do it. you can say it. 如果你参加了那个管理培训,你现在就不至于对此一无所知了.

something like that.

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