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HSK 4 Written scoring

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I was wondering how they mark the written section of HSK 4 namely:

Where you have to rearrange the sentences in questions 86-95 if you get them in the correct order but the writing of the characters is sloppy do you still get full marks?

Can you get full marks questions 96-100 where you must write a sentence to go with the picture if you write a simple sentence or would you have to use more impressive vocabulary? I was thinking I could maybe learn off a few pat sentences and insert the given word and picture.


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Hi Clarabelle,


The best way to improve your writing score, since you have no idea what the topic will be, is to practice generic essay writing transition words, phrases and patterns. For example: however; not only... but...; even though; despite; in spite of; in addition to; regardless; first, second, third...; and so on.


Also, master common Chinese verbs.


Finally, master as many sentence patterns as you can, such as: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnX0acWn-qBSQzgD9g1oWsxABrWaOI0QN


I hope this helps.

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Hello Clarabelle,


I don't know what the official HSK policy is, but my writing was very sloppy in this section of HSK 4, and yet I received a fair amount of credit.  I think if they had marked off for incorrectly written characters, then I would have received almost no credit.

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