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Dhinesh Rajarathinam

Work visa for an Indian citizen

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Dhinesh Rajarathinam



I am a citizen of India and my passion is towards teaching English for the people in need. When I was in search for it, I found China to be a better place. Unfortunately I don't have a bachelor's degree as I am a dropout. I didn't completely my engineering in computer science. When I enquired with some middle agents in China, they said that without a degree, a human from a non-native country cannot get a work visa without a degree. And they also added that, it is because of the recent changes in the permit laws. 


Is this true? Can't I work in China as an English teacher? Or is there any way for me to teach in China?



Dhinesh Rajarathinam

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No chance. You might get illegal work, without the correct visa, teaching in a badly-run school, but that's it. If you *really* want to do this, look at other locations, or get back to uni (say you finished your degree, got a TEFL qualification, then looked for work teaching English for computer scientists - then you might get somewhere). 


Couple of notes

1) The visa and employment regulations for China are very changeable, and usually getting tougher. Don't start a three year plan to get to China and assume the rules will be the same when you're finished. 

2) I understand you might have been writing quickly, but if you're sending in job applications with that many mistakes in (  completely my engineering;  middle agents;  a human ) you won't even get considered except for the worst schools.

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Dhinesh Rajarathinam

Thanks Roddy for pointing out the mistakes and helping me understand the situation for acquiring a work visa in china. As you said, I was in a little hurry to post this topic. Thanks again.


Dhinesh Rajarathinam 

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