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MorphMan now has branch supporting Chinese


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  • 2 years later...

Hey guys, just wanted to update on the status of the project. I was hoping these University holidays to work on clean up a few bugs and port JiebaMorph to work with Anki2.1, but I'm happy to let you guys know that the default MorphMan for 2.1 now comes with Chinese support inbuilt.


I'll update the GitHub soon as I'm unlikely to update the tool. Please go to the main Anki 2.1 morphman port and you should have no problem using it's Chinese parser.


Cheers guys! I hope you got some use out of the tool!

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So.... it could scan your standard vocab piles (the HSK lists, say, for Chinese), and then go through a deck of sentences (generated from subtitles, say) and then pick out the sentences where you will know all but one word? That's pretty nifty, if I've understood it correctly. 

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Yes. You've understood correctly. It automatically understands which words you know based on maturity of your cards which contain that vocabulary, but you're also able to import wordlists from external sources and mark them as known already, even if they're not in Anki.


You can also set priority for vocabulary in lists, so that if you have a sentence where the only unknown word, is in your priority list, and you have another sentence where the only unknown word is NOT in your priority list, it will show the one that contains the priority word first, which is helpful when studying to a specific curriculum, to make sure you're gaining exposure to vocab in a k+1 way as early as possible.

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With Morphman, I use my vocab deck to drive which new cards I add from my sentence deck (or sentence bank).


Each day, after learning and activating a few new words in my vocab deck, I run MorphMan Recalc. This updates the tags on my sentence deck. I select all the new sentence notes which have been tagged mm_fresh and reposition those to front of the queue. Then I set the number of new cards on my sentence deck (for the day) to match the number which have been tagged mm_fresh.


Tip: the first time you do this, you might get several hundred sentences, because the default setting for 'mature' cards in Morphman is 21 days, hence any vocab with interval < 21 is 'fresh'. So, it might hekp to edit config.py in morph folder and change mature threshold to 1 or 2 ... then restart Anki.



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