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Talking about one's health


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Hey guys,


Since I started studying Chinese I have read some topics on this forum every now and then. Often I found my answers but the time has come where I have to make a topic myself. 

So here I am. I use the book 'New Practical Chinese 1' to study. I am at lesson 12, exercise 4 (conversation practice). Now I am not sure what the answers in the empty fields might be. I have an idea but I am not sure so I would like to check it here. 


For the people who don't have the book (or to make it easier for the people who do have it) I have written down the conversation in Mandarin:

A: 你身体真好

B: 好啊, 我很少去医院

A: 你每天都 ??? 身体吗?

B: 我每天下午都???。


Both empty fields(???) probably contains the same character. My first quess was 锻炼。 My second guess would be 打针. 

Both characters were in the vocabulary list of the same chapter. 


Would one of these characters make sense? Or is there a better character to use?


Thank you in advance.

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I agree it's likely 锻炼. Though I don't know why that would mean you don't have to go the hospital often... You can have a really bad immune system and still be very exercise-oriented don'tchaknow!


Sidenote: I think a Chinese 'mad libs' would be a big hit.

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Ahhhhhh. I made a huge mistake while reading the text. Somehow I thought I read 多少 instead of 少 and used the translation of 多. It already was a really confusing text for me. I asked myself as well. Why would you go to the hospital very often when you are healthy haha. I thought this guy could be overanxious or whatever.


Anyway thanks!


@陳德聰 true you can't say that 1 on 1. But in exercise books they generalize to make it easier to understand what the answers might be. It would be a long and difficult Chinese text if they would exclude all other probabilities.  But again thank you, your comment made me question the text again. 


Could you please check if both sentences are correct? I am supposed to tell a friend he needs to see a doctor. 


1. 我们去医院看病吗?

2. 你应该去医院看病


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